Rice/Grain Analyzer Software (Advanced Version) 6980

  • Image Analysis : INDOSAW Rice Analyzer can calculate the morphological parameters of seeds from flatbed scanner image.
  • Parameters : It calculates the Length(L), breadth (B) L/B Ratio, Area and shape parameters like elongation and compactness of individual seeds.
  • Classification : Rice grain can be classified according to user specified parameters in categories like “Head”, “Medium”, ”Small” etc.
  • Data Logging : Classification parameters of Rice grain can be stored in database index with rice grain names.
  • Seed Weight : Individual Rice grain weight can also be calculated from the basic morphological parameters, by supplying the total weight of rice grain in image of thousand rice grain weight.
  • Statistical Analysis : Graphical statistical analysis and text output is also simultaneously generated indicating number of rice grain in each category with their individual parameters.
  • Software Protection : Software is protected with USB Dongle.
  • Accuracy : Extremely accurate. The Average Grain length is accurate to ± 0.02 mm.
  • Zoom facility : Individual Grain can be manually reviewed with Zoom facility.
  • Color Analysis : Advance color analysis features to classify rice grain under foreign matter Chalky, Discolored, Red grain, Damage (Manually entered) and green grain of rice with Advance Color Calibration System.



  • A dedicated image acquisition system. Minimum requirement is a flat bed scanner @ 200dpi (HP Sanner)
  • A dedicated computing system. Minimum requirement is: -
    Operating system : Window 7/ Window8
    CPU : Intel/AMD processor or equivalent.
    RAM : 1GB(atleast 1GB free hard disc space)
  • Adobe Reader.


  • Computer is an optional. It will be supplied on customer demand.
  • Beware of fakes & fopy.
  • Genuine Window 7 (Beware of Pirated one) with a advanced technology.

Digital Grain Vermier SPA56

Digital Grain Vermier

Molded body material of fine quality Nylon-6 plastic.
Compact portable handy and accurate.

  • Range : 0 to12.7 mm
  • Accuracy : 0.01 mm
  • Dimensions : 14 cm X 6.8 cm (L X B) (approx)
  • Weight : 365g Approx.

Grain Vernier SP401


Molded body material of fine quality nylon-6 plastic.
Compact portable handy and accurate.

  • Range : 0 to10 mm
  • Accuracy : 0.01 mm
  • Dimensions : 14 cm X 6.2 cm (L X B) (Approx.)
  • Weight : 395g Approx..

Advance Analysis Kit 6821

Advance Analysis Kit
  • For checking the quality of food grains in mandies
    and seed processing plant.
  • Compact, portable and fully equipped kit.
  • In-built purity work board with auto cal handy moisture
    meter & grain caliper.
  • Approved by FCI & Food Procurement Agencies.
  • Consists of Mechanical weighing balance upto 100g.
    Weight box upto 100g. Enamelled plate, parkhi, sieves,
    magnifier glass, scoop, forceps, measuring cylinder
    & petri dish. All packed in a compact wooden case..

Illuminated Purity Work Board 6714

Illuminated Purity Works Board
  • It is designed for testing physical purity of Seed samples with maximum comfort and efficiency.
  • Also used to distinguish discoloured, damaged and chalky grains/seeds. Light below the rectangular 11" x 6" opal glass having graduated scale 25cm X-axis, 12cm Y- axis makes a handy diaphanoscope.
  • Use of this spot with chaffy grass eliminates all guess works on tests.
  • One convenient drawer is provided for larger seed lots. It is fitted with a magnifying glass covering the entire surface of opal glass.
  • Size 50cm x 28cm x 10cm (Made of teak for longer life).
  • Drawer Capacity 930 cc (approx.).
  • Supply: 220V AC.