Flour Mill 6509

Complete Flour Mill

Roller Mill 6512

Roller Mill

It is used for crushing, grinding, cutting of Cereals, Pulses, Rice, Maize and Food Materials etc. Roller mill is used for getting four outputs i.e. Atta, Maida, Suzi & Choker.

Bran Finisher 6962


The rotating, adjustable beaters seize the tangentially incoming stream of Bran and fling it against the impact wall and the screen. The Bran is repeatedly picked up by the rotor, gradually causing the floor particles to become completely detached. The special design of the screen prevents the stream of Bran from simply rotating along with the rotor. The slight vibration of the flexible screen keeps the perforations open. If the screen throughs are not pneumatically removed, the machine has to be connected to an exhaust system.

  • Production of commercially usable flours, along with clean bran.
  • Simple compact design equipped with individual drive.
  • Smooth quiet operation.
  • Low power requirements, low wear.
  • Perforations are kept clear by the slight vibration of the screen.
  • Design ensuring excellent sanitation.

Plan Sifter 6412


It is used for sifting of Flour & Maida, Minerals, Spices, Rice, Maize & Food materials etc. It Consists of two/four independent sections of sieves containing 8 to 12 sieves frames each of which are able to handle four different stocks. Each section can provide two to four separations to suit requirement.

Conveying System (Pneumatic Type) 6963


Used for conveying the materials by the high pres sure of air by belts and buckets.