Mobile Seed Cleaner Cum Grader

mobile-seed-cleaner-cum-grader mobile-seed-cleaner-cum-grader

Why User requires Indosaw Mobile Seed Cleaning Cum Grading Machine
Seed Cleaning and Grading is the act of checking the seeds for quality as the seed plays a part in connecting one generation of the plants to the next. Seed grading prevents poor quality seeds from being sown. Thus helps user reduce cost of fertilising, cultivating and weed control as the odds of poor growth are minimised when good seeds are planted. It also helps user save his unproductive time. Morever, as seed production demand is increasing day by day. It is not possible to meet this increasing demand by manual sieving method by user. So user requires machine to full fill production demand. Indosaw developed a compact seed cleaning cum grading machine to fullfill this increasing demand of seeds for cultivation With this machine, user can process tons of seeds in a day as against manual sieving method. Thus user can increase his productivity. Morever machine can be move farm to farm thus processing the seeds at actual site and machine can be run on electricity as well as by tractor in case of power failure.

Principle and Process of Indosaw Mobile Seed Cleaning Cum Grading
Seed size is the basic characters considered in the air screen cleaner cum grader for the separation of good seeds from the undersirable materials in the bulk seeds. The basic principles and process involve here are:
Feeding: Feeding hopper is provided at an appropriate height to feed seeds.
Aspiration: The light seed and chaffy materials is removed from the seed mass through pre and final aspiration, i.e., lifting light material through air blast using aspiration blower.
Scalping: The material which is larger than the scalped screen hole opening is brought to a separate outlet like big stones.
Grading: Two nos. grading screens are used to separate seeds in to over size, under size and graded seeds.
Sieve Cleaning: Balls are provided beneath top and bottom screen to prevent clogging of sieves.

Vertical elevator suitable to take the seeds to Seed Cleaner to sieve continuous seed flow, head casing, boot casing and leg casing will be provided. Spouting and discharge valve will be provided. The machine will be able to operate with 0.50 HP electric motor. Switch and all standard accessories for operation on 220V single phase will be provided.
Seed cleaner-cum-grader will be mounted on trolley which shall be drawn by tractor. This machine will be operated by PTO shaft of tractor (45 HP).
A central electric control panel for manual operation will be mounted on mobile seed grading unit. The panel will be equipped with main on and off switch, volta meter, charge over switch, ammeter, phase indicators, emergency switches, contactors with protective relays and fuses etc., PTO shaft with alternator arrangement will be provided.
Adjustable heavy duty type screw jacks are to be provided for leveling and for absorbing vibration during operation. The trolley will befitted with road working and emergency lights, pivoting front axle, product discharge and rejects discharge spouts fitted with bag holding clamps. One spare wheel, tool box and set of tools for ordinary repairs & maintenance will be provided.
Motor capacity - Single phase 240V, 50 Hz.2 amp.

  • Cleaning Capacity : 500kg/Hr input At 12% moisture content Suitable for Wheat, Paddy, Barley Oil Seeds and vegetable seed.
  • Screen : Three screens. 
  • Angle of Screen : Fixed
  • Sieve Boat Motor : 220V, 0.5HP Single/three Phase. 
  • Blower Motor : 220V, 1 HP Single/three Phase.
  • Elevator motor : 220V, 0.5 HP Single/three Phase.
  • Operating Voltage : 220V, 50Hz Single/three Phase AC.
  • Hopper : Steel construction with roller for feeding.
  • Aspiration Fan : Fan with variable air control arrangement to lift the light impurities, small weed seeds, husk and dust.
  • Cyclone dust collector: Makes operation environment friendly.
  • Elevator : Vertical elevator to feed seed cleaner.
  • Alternator : Alternator to provide 220V, single phase AC supply, P.T.O shaft driven in case of power failure.
  • Control Panel : A central electric control panel equipped with main on and off switch, volt meter, change over switch, ammeter, phase indicator, emergency switch, contrators with protective relays etc.
  • Trolley : All above shall be mounted on a trolley. Trolley fitted with heavy duty screw jacks pivoting front axle, one spare wheel, tool box and set of tools for ordinary repair and maintenance.


  • Different sizes of screens for other crops may be supplied on demand.
  • Stainless steel sieves are available optionally. 
  • 4For wheat and maize higher capacity blower is required.

Mobile Seed Processing Plant 100kg/Hr 6828

Mobile Seed Processing Plant 100kg/Hr SALIENT FEATURES :
  • CNC machining for fabrication of all metal components.
  • Destoning, cleaning, grading, gravity separation & length grading can be carried out in field condition.
  • Power backup through 10 KVA DG set.
  • Electrical control panel with independent control of all the machines.
  • provision for both AC mains and generator.
  • Trolley fitted with heavy duty screw jacks.


  • Capacity : Up to 250 kg/hour.
  • Feeding System : Provided with feed hopper, regulator for in flow of grain across the entire width of deck.
  • Separation : Fitted with five stage cleaning facility.
  • Motor : 2 HP motor of reputed make to run on 415v, 50Hz, 3phase AC Supply.
  • Deck Inclination : Facility for independent alteration for inclination of desk (lateral & longitudinal)
  • Dust collector : Vaccum type dust collector with variable sludge gate & dust trapper.

  • Dimensions with stand: 155x 70x 110cm (H x W x L) (approx.)
  • Motor for blower : 1 HP, 2810 rpm.
  • Operating Voltage : 220V, 50Hz Single Phase AC.

  • Dims with stand : 144cm H x 68cm W x 107cm D (approx.)
  • Cleaning Capacity : 100 Kg/h (based on wheat).
  • Cylinder Size : 40 cm (Diameter) x 50 cm (length).
  • Motor for cylinder : 90 Watt, 1440 rpm.
  • Operating Voltage : 220V, 50Hz, single Phase AC.

  • Capacity : 100 Kg.
  • Readability : 10 gm.
  • Pan size : 42.5 cm x 42.5 cm.

  • Range : 3.5 to 40%.
  • Body : Made of painted steel.
  • Test cup : Stainless steel.
  • Test Cup Visible : Yes.
  • Consistency : ± 0.2%.
  • Display : 16x2 Line alphanumeric LCD Display.
  • Min. sample of grain : More than 30 cubic centimeter.
  • Keypad : 9 Key membrane keypad.
  • Power : 9 V DC Adaptor, 230V, 50 Hz, AC main or 6(R-20) type dry cells.
  • Size (L x B x H)cm : 32.5x18x25.9 cm (approx.).
  • Weight : 12.2 Kg (approx.).

  • Silent Generator : 10 KVA.

  • Electrical Control Panel with independent control of all the machines. Provision for both AC Main & Generator.

  • All the above equipments mounted on four wheel trolley with heavy duty platform, screw jacks & towbar.