Air Screen Cleaner Cum Grader Lab Model 67002EM



This machine is made of high grade all steel construction with robust stand and equipped with component makes it help you get rid of chaffs, straws, weed seeds, dust and other light impurities including husk etc in an effective manner. The seed grader features pre-aspiration and final aspiration with three easily and rapidly changeable screens - one for Scalping, one for Cleaning and one for Grading. There is Nylon Brush cleaning device for cleaning the cleaning and grading screens.

  • Scalping Screen: One
  • Cleaning Screen: One
  • Grading Screen: One
  • Angle of Screen: Fixed
  • Motor for Sieve Boat: 220V, 1HP Single Phase
  • Operating Voltage: 220V, 50Hz Single Phase AC
  • Hopper: Steel construction with rack and pinion arrangement.
  • Cleaning Capacity: 400kg/Hr based on wheat seed calculated based at 12% moisture content and 10% impurities. Suitable for Wheat, Maize, Paddy, Millet, Barley and Oil Seeds & Vegetable Seed.
  • Aspiration Fan: Dynamically balanced fan with variable air control arrangement to lift the light impurities, small weed seeds, husk and dust.
  • Over all Dimensions: 130 x 100 x 244cm (Length x Width x Height) approx.

Extra set of all the three screens available for commodities other than wheat as well.

This machine works on electricity as well as manually. When there is no electricity cleaning and grading can be done manually at any time required.

Seed Grader (Air Screen Cleaner Type) 6837

Seed Grader ( Air Screen Cleaner Type)
  • Dimensions : 95 L x 110 W x 195H cm (approx.)
  • Cleaning capacity : 150 kg/hr (based on wheat)
  • Main Screen size : 250 x 500 mm (approx.)
  • Prescalping Screen size : 250 x 250 mm (approx.)
  • Motor for blower : 1 HP, 2810 rpm
  • Operating Voltage : 220V, 50Hz Single phase AC
  • Motor for sieve boat : 90W, 3Phase (Built in AC drive)
  • Fabrication :CNC machining for fabrication of all metal component .
  • Drive : AC drive to increase or decrease screen agitation.
  • Screens : Three nos. of rapidly changeable screens, two for oversized material whereas one for undersized material.
  • Screen cleaning : There is a rubber ball screen cleaning on the main screens.
  • Aspiration : Pre-aspiration and final aspiration with a primary cyclone collector and secondary bag filter for dustless operation.
  • Output : 5 types of separations : large impurity, under size impurity, light impurity, dust and final graded material.

Note : Different sizes of screens for other crops may be supplied on demand.

Seed Grader (Air Screen Cleaner Type) Lab Model 6969

Seed Grader ( Air Screen Cleaner Type)
  • Construction : CNC Machining for fabrication of all metal component.
  • Dimensions : 1445 x 1130 x 2165 (L x W x H) mm (approx)
  • Cleaning Capacity : 300 - 400 kg/hr (on wheat basis)
  • Motor for blower : 1 HP, 3 Phase, 2800 rpm
  • Motor for Sieve Boat : ½ H.P., 3 Phase 910 rpm.
  • Operating Voltage : 220V/AC, 50Hz 1ø

Seed Grader/Paddy Cleaner 6707

Seed Grader Lab Model) Seed Grader Lab Model)
  • Body construction : Made of teak wood & teak ply.
  • Machine operates : Machine operates on the principle of gravity with scalping and grading process. The machine consists of two cradles which oscillate linearly.
  • Feed hopper : Designed for many crop seeds, with adjustable feeding control.
  • Screens : Set of 10 sieve sizes. Constructed of perforated metal sheet with round/oblong openings.
  • Fan : Blowing air speed is regulated through a control value.
  • Handle : For manual operation of the machine.
  • Collection trays : One for under size, one for over size & one for graded/clean seeds.
  • Capacity : 25- 40 Kg/hour (Based on Paddy).
  • Size : (L x B x H):80cm x 54cm x 75cm (Approx).
  • Weight : 39 kg (Approx).
  • Operating Voltage : 220V, 50Hz AC.
  • Screen Area : 30 x 25.4 cm (Approx).
  • No. of working screen : Two.
  • Motor : ½ HP Single Phase.
  • Operation : Manually/Electrically.
  • 7133 : Set of 10 screen suitable for 6707.

Set of 10 Sieves Sizes (mm) Simple wood made
3.5 OH, 2.75 OH, 2.0 OH, 1.85 OH, 1.75 OH, 1.5 OH,7.0 RH, 5.0 RH, 1.6 RH, 1.2 RH (OH - Oblong Hole & RH-Round Hole).