Laboratory Aspirator - Bates Type 6726

  • For separation of light chaffy material from granular product.
  • Fast & accurate.
  • Separate detachable transparent collector.
  • Feed rate controller & Controlled air flow.
  • Triangular pan.
  • Large hopper capacity.


Electric Seed Scarifier 6211

Electric Seed Scarifier
  • Efficient scarification of seed sample.
  • Steel construction for durability and long use.
  • Drum lined with carborundum and equipped
    with rotating steel propeller.

Seed Sampling Parkhi

  • Used for collecting small quantity of sample from a lot of cereals. Made of brass, available in different sizes.
    6737 - 6”
    6738 - 9”
    6739 - 12”

Seed Sieve Shaker 7290A

Seed Sieve Shaker

Vibratory Screen Shaker to accommodate 10 screens and one blank bottom pan with tie rod. Digital timer to shut off the bottom, Variable variation speeds can be achieved as per requirement of seed to be cleaned. Complete with electric motor. Economical sieve shaker produce constant, accurate result. For use with coarse materials than 1400 mesh. Frequency control permits a quit and reliable operation. 10 Nos of sieves of sizes: 1.6mm RH, 2.4mm RH, 2.8mm RH,3.5mm RH, 4.0mm RH, 6.0mm RH,1.85mm OH, 2.0mm OH, 2.25mm OH and 2.5mm OH.

Specifications :
  • Shaking method : Vibration
  • Shaking speed : 130-140 nos/min
  • No of sieves : (41mm x 203 mm) × 7 sieves
  • Motion : 4 modes
  • Timer : Digital, 60 min
  • Material : Steel casting (STEEL PLATE)
  • Control display : Digital with LED display
  • Power source : AC 220V, 50Hz, 1-Phase
  • Size : 350x460x600 (approx).
  • Weight : 25 kg (minm)

Flexible Arm Illuminated Magnifier SN122

Illuminted-Magnifier Special features:
  • Convenient handle and three-axis swivel point let you easily put the polycarbonate shade exactly where you need it.
  • Jointed arms adjust and maintain any desired position.
  • Free-standing weighted base.

This magnifier has a large size (130 mm diameter) specially designed precision lens that gives 4x area magnification. The lens provides bi-ocular vision with depth precision and comfortable 250 mm working distance underneath , thus providing for ease of operation under the lens.
Illumination: A 22 watt circular fluorescent tube housed in a tough ABS shed around the lens provides light that is shadow less, glare free, coil and of daylight colour.
Versatile stand: Easy positioning of lens / light at any point in any orientation is made of possible by a well-balanced stand with feather touch movement that has a reach of 900 mm from the base

Specifications :
  • Magnification : 1.75x
  • Diopters : 3D
  • Viewing area : 5" dia
  • Arm reach : 30"
  • Mounting type : Table base (Free-standing weighted base.)
  • Power cord : 9 ft

Seed Blower - Dacota Type 6719

Seed Blower-Dacota Type Special features:
  • Principle :Blowing.
  • Provided with timer setting for auto turnoff
  • Facility to control air speed of blower for different kind of seeds.
  • Tubes made up of acrylic, better than glass.

Specifications :
  • Size : 48 x 56 x 86 cm. (Approx).
  • Operating voltage : 220V, 50 Hz, AC.
  • Motor : ½ HP
  • Small Tube set : recommended for brome, red top, blue Grass, legumes, small cereal grains etc.
  • Size : 7.6 cm dia x 93 cm length (approx) and 4.5cm dia x 93 cm length (approx).
  • Large tube set : recommended for large capacities and for grain, grass, legumes, com and soyabean etc.
  • Size : 10 cm dia x 93 cm height (approx.)

Safety tested for Insulation Resistance, Earth Bond and High Voltage Break down as per CE Standards.

Destoner - Lab Model 6276


Destoner is used for removing adulterator material, floating material and very heavy particles like stones from graded pulses, grains & seeds.

  • Capacity : 100 - 200 kg/Hr
  • Dimension : 5.5 x 2.5 x 7 ft (LxBxH)

Seed Extracting Machine 6974

Seed extracting machine

Used for wet extraction of different vegetable seeds such as tomato, brinjal, chillies, summar, squash, squashmelon, watermelon & cucumber etc.

  • Length : 1950 mm
  • Width : 440 mm
  • Height : 1400 mm
  • Diameter of rotor : 325 mm 
  • Speed of Motor : 1400 RPM
  • Speed of rotor required for Seed Extraction : 300 RPM
  • Power : 2 HP

Sampling Triers

  • Smooth Finish

Cat No.
Double tube Length
No of opening

Used for collecting sample from a lot of cereals. Available in brass and aluminium.

Seed Grinder SN261

Seed Grinder
  • For Grinding the seeds, made of stainless steel 304 grade.
  • Constructed of non-absorbent material.
  • Grinding Chamber size 75 mm x 25 mm.
  • Capacity 5g - 25g.

Seed Hand Test Sieves (Round Brass)


A required set of sieves to experiment with various separations and select the correct sieves for each cleaning problem. Frame of sieves are made of brass.
Available in two sizes : Dia. 12” x 3” & Dia. 8” x 2” (Approx.)

(For Required sizes, please refer Table-Column D & E given below)

6819 Brass Top Lid & Bottom Pan for Dia. 12” x 3” Sieves
6820 Brass Top Lid & Bottom Pan for Dia. 8” x 2” Sieves

Liberal assortment in round and oblong hole perforations is available.

Spare Sieves for Various perforation sizes Suitable for Seed Grader, Sieve Shaker & Hand Test Sieves.

Hand Test Sieves (Wooden) 7390

Seed Hand Seives
  • For screening of grains on basis of size.
  • Wooden frame.
  • Sieves with different perforation.
  • Large volume of sieves.
  • Perforation can be round or oblong.

Trolley Model 67003


High grade mild steel rectangular pipe frame work, mild steel sheet platform, fitted with anti-skid rubber sheet, tubular handle mounted, provided with 4 caster wheel ( dia. 150mm), platform size 18"X36”.