Seed Treater 6786

Seed Treater Lab Model

In Order to apply liquid fungicide and insecticide on the outer surface of the seeds, Seed Treater is used.

  • Uniform seed treatment .
  • No damage of seed or untreated seed that reduces crop performance.
  • sealed treatment of seeds eliminates operator chemical contact or wind blown exposure
  • Seed treatment is either in the container, or on the seed.
  • High pressure pump working on the principal of Electro Motive Force.
  • Dosing quantity and frequency of dosing of chemical can be varied by simply turning respective knobs of the pump fitted on control panel.
  • The seed mixing drum and pre-mix tank are made of stainless steel.
  • The mixing drum rests on external bearings to facilitate cleaning.

  • Capacity: 110-120 liters
  • Mix and treat supply unit should have a built in product transfer function.
  • Can transfer product directly from bulk drums or totes to the product storage tanks.
  • Units can be configured with optional double shoot insert to allow sequential product application without tank mixing products.
  • Capable of treating a full tandem load of seed (500 ) in ten minutes.
  • All product transfer is done in a closed loop system reducing exposure

Debearder 6899


The Indosaw debearder ideal for research with difficult seeds and requirements for rapid cleaning of many samples. The debearder is used for preliminary treatment of wheat, barley and oats. It removes awns, beards, glumes and other appendages that make them difficult to handle in processing. It is suitable for removing clusters in tomato seeds, dehusking of carrot seeds, etc. Consists of low speed spindle with brushes in a closed housing feeding hopper with regulated gate and discharge spout.

  • Capacity : 100 Kg/Hrs (on wheat basis)
  • Operating Voltage : 220V Single Phase/50 Hz AC
  • Blower Motor : 1 HP, Single Phase, 2810 rpm

Indent Cylinder Separator 6844

Seed Grader (Indented Type)

The laboratory indent cylinder separator is used for length sizing and features one interchangeable cylinder, variable speed cylinder drive and two collection trays. The equipment is supplied with one cylinder. The equipment is rated at 100 kg (approx.) per hour continuous cleaning capacity based on wheat. The cylinder is 40 cm(approx.) in diameter and 50 cm(approx.) long.

  • Construction : CNC machining for fabrication of all metal component.
  • Dimensions with stand : 144 cm H x 68 cm W x 107 cm D ( approx.)
  • Cleaning capacity : 100 kg/h (based on wheat)
  • Cylinder size : 40 cm (Diameter) x 50 cm(Length)
  • Operating Voltage : 220V,50Hz Single phase AC
  • Motor for cylinder : 90W, 3Phase (Built in AC drive)

Gravity Separator Lab Model 6838

Gravity Separator SPECIFICATIONS :
  • Gravity Separator separates seeds into different fractions
    on the basis of specific gravity of the material.
  • Cleaning Capacity :100 kg/h (wheat basis)
  • Deck is Interchangeable.

Seed Treater Model 67001EM

Seed Treater

This machine is with a sturdy stand , with its rotating mixing drum operated by motor as well as manually by virtue of a manual drive , when there is a power cut ,gives you an unparalleled advantage of working without a break and effectively giving a perfect treatment to the seeds be it dry powder or wet chemicals . The rotating drum made of stainless steel makes it resistant to corrosive nature of treatment chemicals.

  • Capacity: 60 kg/batch
  • Motor: 0.5 to 1 HP Single Phase 220V AC 50 Hz / Manual drive¬†
  • Construction: Heavy duty angle frame with thick Stainless steel rotating drum having fins for effective mixing and removing the treated seeds.
  • Stand: Mild Steel having heavy duty angle iron with motor mounting and 2 pulleys and belt to run on electricity and rotating handle to operate manually.¬†
  • Over all Dimensions: 125cmX60cmX150cm (Length x Width X Height) approx